A creative and entrepreneurial mindset has always been part of me. I set up my first store at age 9 and created apps for iOS at age 12. Since then, I’ve started two successful companies.

At age 9, I set up a store selling used toys and children’s books over the summer at the local mall, and all revenue was donated to Save the Children. That was my first venture. At age 12, I made a business out of app development and web development for local companies. Since then, I’ve started two larger successful companies: Mikalsen Operations and DingzShop.com. My entrepreneurial spirit has stuck with me as I’ve entered companies I’ve worked with, such as Incode Technologies in San Francisco, where I do marketing and business development. No matter which company I work in, I’m convinced that I will always add value through intrapreneurial ventures and creative thinking.


Successful Ventures

cropped-Favikon.pngFOUNDER AND MANAGER
Mikalsen Operations ENK|Oslo, Norway
Apr 2013 – Jan 2016

Mikalsen Operations is a Norwegian company offering marketing and IT-support services to small and medium-sized companies, including marketing strategy, sales channel management, online advertising, social media management, website setup, marketing content creation, and much more.

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DingzShop.com|Bergen, Norway
Aug 2013 – Dec 2015

DingzShop.com was an online e-commerce store selling gadgets and consumer electronics to the Norwegian domestic market. The store featured free delivery on all orders, and free carrier delivery (which is rare in the uncompetitive Norwegian shipping industry). The startup was featured at a nationwide radio station and in several newspapers.

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Velve Internet Café|Salangen, Norway
Aug 2013 – Jun 2014

At Velve Internet Café, local youth in Salangen (Troms County, Norway) gathered, playing video games, card games, and pool, while socializing with their peers in a safe and inclusive environment. We founded the café with the goal of refurbishing an old youth club that had its last facelift more than two decades ago. With a small budget, we replaced old interior, installed a new kitchen, and painted the walls in the café’s new colors. The founding team ran the café for one academic year as a youth enterprise, and as part of the business program that I attended in High School.


App development for iOS|Norway
2009 – 2012

At age 12, just a short time after Apple’s App Store was initially launched, I began experimenting with app development software and launched my first app—an app that provided a simple list of cheat codes for the Grand Theft Auto games for Playstation, Xbox, and PCs—in 2010. Over the two years that followed, I developed apps for multiple companies, including a local newspaper, and an annual festival. Several of my apps trended on the App Store, and in total, I achieved more than 1 million downloads globally.