My name is Tobias, and I’m a Dean’s List Bachelor of Business Administration candidate at Hult International Business School, expecting to graduate in December 2017. I’m seeking opportunities in business development, operations, and marketing, preferably within the technology sector. I have experience working in and managing diverse, multi-national teams, and I will bring value to the companies I work for by applying my entrepreneurial and creative skill sets to find and execute on new business opportunities.

I’m proud of having achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.8/4.0 (updated September 2017), and of having received several honors, including the school’s Academic Excellence scholarship. My progress and results-oriented mindset have helped me complete my High School degree in less than 2.5 years, and will soon help me complete my Bachelor’s degree in less than 2 years. I’ve taken courses at campuses in San Francisco and Dubai, and I will also study at the school’s campuses in Shanghai, London, and Boston. I’ve also been accepted to a Harvard Business School pre-MBA certificate program in Business Analytics and Economics which I will complete over the summer of 2017.

My marketing skills are at the core of my successful ventures. I’ve worked as a Marketing Analyst at Incode Technologies, Inc. in San Francisco and I have experience in marketing from my own companies, running an e-commerce store and a marketing agency in Norway. Some of my previous clients include a Norwegian insurance company as well as a tourist agency, restaurant, and accommodation provider.

My entrepreneurial mindset, complemented by pure curiosity, have also helped me experiment with business from a young age, starting my first financially rewarding business—a highly successful app that achieved one million downloads—at age 12, and an e-commerce store selling consumer gadgets and electronics at age 15.

I am an entrepreneur wherever I go, and I will always be a business strategist looking for new opportunities whether that’s as a founder of my own company or as an individual inside a small or large company.

If it sounds like I’m a good match, whether for employment or simply an addition to your network, shoot me a message and connect with me on LinkedIn!