Who am I?

Global Business Strategist

I've taken part in multiple business strategy projects with clients such as Amazon.com and E&J Gallo Wineries. I've also been involved in strategic business decisions in the capacity of my role as Head of Digital Marketing at Incode Technologies....


A creative and entrepreneurial mindset has always been part of me. I set up my first store at age 9 and created apps for iOS at age 12. Since then, I've started two successful companies....

Experienced Marketer

My marketing skills are at the core of my successful ventures. Being conscious of my personal brand is also important to me, as demonstrated by this website.   (more…)...

About me

Hello, my name is Tobias. Welcome to my professional portfolio website. A global mindset, creative thinking, and unbeatable perseverance. These are key traits of my personality and upon what I base my professional development. Often characterized by my high ambition, having started my first company--in app development--at age 11, and two others since....



2018 -

App Store Developer Relations Specialist at Apple

In my role at Apple's marketing team for Developer Relations, I help Apple keep up its commitment to quality and user experience on the App Store while providing developers with tools that allow them to develop incredible apps....
2017 - 2018

Marketing Associate, Head of Digital Marketing at Incode Technologies

Logo Incode Cambios Mios 2

Incode is a software/app development startup headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Mexico City and Serbia. The company's proprietary facial recognition technology, Recogkit, is among the best in the world....

Student Consulting Challenge for Amazon.com

amazonlogoWorked on a consulting project for Amazon.com, the Fortune 500 company, and specifically with their startup accelerator program that helps startups launch their products and immediately reach a global audience....
2013 - 2016

Founder at Mikalsen Operations ENK

cropped-Favikon.png Sole proprietorship company offering IT and marketing services to small-/medium sized businesses. Founded at age 15.   (more…)...
2013 - 2016

Founder and Manager at DingzShop.com

FaviconFounded the company with a vision to grow it to a sizable e-commerce store, and to learn from the experience in the process. Founded at age 15.   (more…)...

Personal Clients, Projects, and Education

My Student Blog

At my student blog, myhultbba.com, I write about my experiences as a student at Hult International Business School and as a young professional in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. I also share insights into how I believe students like myself can leverage this unique ecosystem to create a vast and extensive network of professionals and future business partners, and thereby set themselves up for success post-graduation. Writing about my experience as a Hult student makes a lot of sense because of my heartfelt belief in the values this great business school stands for, including globalism, diversity, collaboration, and a practical approach to education.

Why Hire Me?

By applying my entrepreneurial and creative skill sets, I have already started several successful companies, helped startups grow and succeed in their sphere, and helped major companies, such as Amazon.com, expand their business by creating business strategy, business development, and branding strategy proposals. I'm an ambitious young professional that aspire to apply the skills and knowledge I've acquired through my education and early professional career to help develop and grow your business, and I will bring value to your company by proposing and executing on interesting new business projects, strategies, and ventures. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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